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Library was founded in 1978 based on the books, journals and scientific works, collected as result of international book-exchange which started at the time of the International geophysical year (1957–1958).

Now total fund of the library is 51 thousand of the printed items, more than a half is foreign publications.

In the library the literature on the following subjects is collected:

  1. Geomagnetism and high layers of the atmosphere;
  2. Meteorology;
  3. Climatology;
  4. Oceanography;
  5. Glaciology;
  6. Physics of the Earth;
  7. Hydrology of land;
  8. General issues of Geology;
  9. Lithology;
  10. Tectonics;
  11. Auroras;
  12. Protection of Environment;
  13. Computing and Programming.

The library has alphabetical and systematic catalogs, retrospective catalogs of foreign and domestic journals.

Informational and library service is the basis of the library work; in particular, every month themed exhibitions are organized, every week the exhibitions of the new books are organized.

Web-page of the library

March 31, 2017. For many years of conscientious work, significant progress in professional activities, great personal contribution to the development of scientific and technical cooperation, Dr.Sc. Vladislav Nikolaevich Morozov and Dr.Sc., Head of Geodynamics laboratory Viktor Nikolaevich Tatarinov were awarded with the insignia of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom": "For contribution to the development of the nuclear industry". We congratulate the award winners!

February 2, 2017. An online Bulgarian newspaper News Business Policy published an interview with Chief researcher of the Laboratory of Geodynamics Vladimir Ivanovich Kaftan, who visited the Republic of Bulgaria in order to establish scientific relations between the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian University of Peoples Friendship (RUPF) and the Institute of Astronomy of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

January 16, 2017. CEO and scientific director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) Professor Pavel Kabat paid a working visit to the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GC RAS) and made a presentation on the system analysis of the Arctic region ( "IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative").

December 21, 2016. As part of the agreement №194 between Geophysical Center of RAS and the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution "Novosibirsk State University" R&D works were carried out on the theme "Development of a prototype of hardware and software system with a spherical screen running Orbus software".