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Deputy Director for Development

Рыбкина А.И. PhD
Rybkina Alena
Tel.: +7 495 930-56-09

Education: Moscow State University, Geological Faculty, Department of Lithology and Marine Geology

Positions: Deputy Director for Development, Leading research scientist, Chief of Laboratory of Innovative Projects

Scientific interests: geology, sedimentology, lithology, innovative technologies, visualization, paleomagnetism

Research: A. Rybkina began her working activity in GC RAS in March 2008 as leading engineer. The theme of her master's work is “Lithology of the Messinian deposits on the island of Sicily (Italy)”. In 2006–2008 she participated in field expeditions to Sicily, Normandy, the Crimea, the Taman Peninsula, where she made the description of sections and collection of samples. In 2011 she received a MSU master's degree with honors in geology. In 2008–2009 in GC RAS she dealt with the development and execution of intellectual geoinformation system “GIS of Russia on the Earth Sciences”. In 2009–2010 she was the Secretary of electronic multimedia journal “Herald of the Earth Sciences Branch of RAS”. Since 2011 she held the position of Head of Sector of Innovative Projects in GC RAS. She took an active part in the organization of major international conferences. In 2009 she was Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference “Electronic Geophysical Year: State of the Art and Results”, in 2011 — Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference ”Artificial Intelligence in the Earth’s Magnetic Field Study. INTERMAGNET Russian Segment”, in 2013 — Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Partner Conference “Geophysical Observatory, Multipurpose GIS and Recognition in the information files”. She was the project manager of RFBR № 12-01-31396 “Development of methods and software tools of data presentation for the evaluation of geomagnetic activity on the multifunctional demonstrative spherical screen in real or near real time”. In 2012 she was the head of the project “System of collecting information to assess the prospects for a coordinated social and economic development of Russia and Ukraine in the European context, software development and the creation of a GIS database” within the Russian Academy of Sciences Program №38. In 2013 she took an active part in implementing the project of the Federal Target Program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on “Intelligent medical geoinformation system for assessment and prediction of medical and environmental status of the Russian Federation territories and the influence of natural, social, economic and technological changes in the environment on the population”. In GC RAS she is responsible for the certificates registration for RIA. She is actively developing the creation of the multifunctional demonstrative spherical screen in Russia. Since 2010 she has been Chairman of the Board of Young Scientists in GC RAS.

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