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Publication date: 20 October 2021. Administrator

October 20, 2021.

On October 19, the 66th meeting of the Scientific Council of GC RAS took place.

The main issue on the agenda was the presentation of the preliminary results of the fulfillment of the state task. The leaders of four research themes spoke: head of the laboratory of geodynamics v. N. Tatarinov, director A. A. Soloviev, head of the laboratory of geophysical data B. A. Dzeboev and senior researcher R.V. Sidorov.

Another important issue discussed at the meeting was the consideration of the candidacy of the head of the laboratory of geophysical data, leading researcher, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Boris Arkadievich Dzeboev for the position of Deputy Director for Science. Boris Arkadievich spoke at the Academic Council, and presented his vision of the scientific development of the Center and his plans for future work.

A secret ballot was held, following which a unanimous decision was made to nominate Boris Arkadievich Dzeboev for this high position, followed by competitive procedures.

The meeting also discussed measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection among the staff of GC RAS.

Chief scientist academician of RAS A.D. Gvishiani, scientific secretary R.I. Krasnoperov, head of the laboratory of geophysical data, leading researcher, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences B.A. Dzeboev